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June and July have been crazy months for LA Hotspur! Over the past month, Hotspur has closed out two seasons, dove headfirst into their first league of WPSL play, and, along with the rest of the country, spent many hours glued to the television watching the game being played on the largest stage at the World Cup.

In the LA Muni league, Hotspur first took on Cougars on June 14th, and later, were set to play a game against The Purple Team on June 21st but earned a forfeit victory when TPT could not field a team for the match. In the game vs. Cougars, Tanya Djafar scored the gamewinner for the Spurs who won 1-0.

At the end of the LA Muni season, the Spurs finished with a record of 7-3-1, finishing second overall in the LA Muni women’s A division regular season.

In CSL play, the Spurs finished their season with a game against Norwalk, who beat the Spurs 3-0. The Spurs finished the season with a record of 3-1-8 in the CSL.

The Women’s Professional League has Hotspur playing games twice a weekend. During the demanding season, the Spurs have battled in six matches over the last three weeks. See below for details:

On June 14th, the Spurs took on Legends, losing 3-0.

On June 15th, the Spurs took on LA Premier, losing 2-1. Ari Vitanza scored the lone goal for the Spurs, driving it into the back of the net on a set piece.

On June 21st, the Spurs had a rematch against LA Premier, and lost 1-0.

On June 22nd, the Spurs took on the Sea Lions, losing 2-0.

On June 28th, the Spurs defeated Tucson in a 1-0 win, with Kim Allard scoring the lone goal when she blasted a ball from the left side of the net. The goal was set up by Catherine Davila, who won the ball from a defender, carried it down the field and played it to Frankie Mujic on the right side of the field. Mujic crossed the ball to Allard who blasted it in from range.

On June 29th, the Spurs lost 3-0 to Beaches.

Up next, the Spurs travel to Arizona where the squad will take on both Phoenix and Tucson in the last matches of the season.

Weekend Recap

Ana Carinena brings the ball up the field.

Ana Carinena brings the ball up the field.

LA Hotspur FC had a busy weekend as the club played four games across three different leagues. In WPSL play, Hotspur had two matches, first taking on Beach Futbol Club, who currently are ranked first in the region.

In the hard-fought Saturday evening contest, the home squad was the first to get a point on the board. Visiting team Hotspur added their own goal soon after, in a play that started on the right flank. Defender Catherine Davila won the ball and played it to Catiana Vitanza, who then sent the ball to Julia Glanz on the left flank. Glanz sent the ball across the face of the net and midfielder Sarah Halpenny sprinted in, flicking the ball with her head into the back of the net.

The score remained tied for most of the game, until, with minutes left in the second half, a scramble in the box led to a goal for Beach.

On Sunday, Hotspur were back on the pitch with a 10 a.m. home game against the traveling Phoenix del Sol. The long, hot match was a tough battle, and resulted in a 0-0 tie. Keeper Nicoline Jorgensen did well to protect the shutout, and Hotspur’s defense was solid all game long. The Spurs almost got on the board when midfielder Kristen Vasquez nailed a rocket from distance, but the ball slammed against the crossbar and back out away from the goal.


The Spurs first game of the weekend was in the LA Muni league, as the side took on W-AC Los Angeles. Hotspur played with game with only 9 on the field, and ultimately battling to a 4-1 loss. Despite the low numbers, Hotspur managed to keep the game tied for most of the game. A goal by WACLA was quickly countered when Brynne Blumstein took a corner kick that she passed to Ana Marshall. Marshall then played a long ball down field to Hailey Murray, who scooped up the ball, dribbled past the defense, and drilled a long shot into the back of the net. As the game neared the end, WACLA was able to capitalize on Hotspur’s fatigue by scoring three successive goals to earn the win.


In their final game of the weekend, Hotspur took on So Cal Select in CSL play. It was another hard-fought match with Hotspur playing without subs. Hotspur managed two goals, the first coming when Tanya Djafar capitalized on a mis-clearance by So Cal Select. Djafar intercepted the clearance and shot the ball back on net, scoring to give the Spurs a goal. Later, Rae Furhman and Nicoline Jorgensen played a give and go, which Fuhrman then drilled into the back of the net, giving the Spurs their second goal of the match. But two goals were not enough, as So Cal finished three of their own, giving the side a 4-2 victory over the Spurs.
Coming up this weekend, Hotspur once again will play four games in two days with WPSL games on Saturday and Sunday, a Muni game on Saturday and a CSL game on Sunday.


Hotspur’s WPSL Debut And Weekend Recap


Hotspur made its debut in the Women’s Professional Soccer League last Sunday, and, despite a mighty battle, eventually lost to Legends FC by a score of 3-1.

The Spurs lost the advantage in the immediate moments of the game, when Legends capitalized on a misplayed pass in the center of the field. After winning the ball, Aubrey Baker, from Legends, nailed a high, lofted shot that settled just under the crossbar beyond the reach of keeper Nicoline Jorgensen. The goal came just 51 seconds into play.

Hotspur battled back, scoring an equalizer just 15 minutes later. The play started on the left side of the field, where Mary Brazie received the ball before playing the ball to Fracesca Mujic in the center of the field. Mujic turned and sent the ball to outside middie Kimberly Allard, who was making a wide-open run on the right side of the field. Allard dribbled the ball down the right side and drove a hard, low shot towards the far left post. The ball beat two defenders and the keeper, but was just wide of the net. Brazie, who was sprinting in at the far post, slid towards the net, knocking the ball with the outside of her right foot into the back pocket of the net.


The equalizer didn’t last long; however, as a Spurs foul committed three minutes later in the box allowed for a penalty kick for Legends. Aly Moon stepped up for Legends to finish the kick, regaining the lead for Legends.

With just seven minutes remaining in the half, Legends scored one more by way of Peyton Perea, bringing the score to 3-1.

The second half was scoreless, despite several opportunities by both teams. For the Spurs, Jorgensen made several critical saves to prevent Legends from adding another, including stopping one breakaway and making a flying save to snatch down a hard strike.

Hotspur’s WPSL season continues this weekend, as the Spurs take on Beach Futbol Club and Phoenix del Sol on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.


Earlier in the day, Hotspur’s CSL team took on Focus FC, earning their third win of the season and bringing the team’s record to 3-6-1 in the CSL. Nicoline Jorgensen played forward, scoring both of Hotspur’s goals in the 2-1 win. Jorgensen’s first goal came when Mary Brazie received the ball with her back to goal in the middle of the field. Jorgensen was making a sprinting run down the field, and Brazie turned and played the ball through to Jorgensen, who ran onto the ball, carried it with speed to net, and finished it low into the right corner.

Although the Spurs conceded one goal to Focus, Jorgensen’s second goal of the game secured the victory. The play started with Kelsey Heflin, who burned a defender and dribbled the ball down the right side of the field. Heflin sent a hip-height cross that traversed the face of the net, which Brazie deflected before the ball reached Jorgensen at the far post. Jorgensen slammed the ball into the back of the net with her first touch, finishing the ball with gusto.

Brittany Parker tended net for the Spurs, and the team carried over its strong defending from last game, shutting Focus down repeatedly and transitioning defensive wins to offensive attacks.


On Saturday, Hotspur battled to a tough tie against LA Municipal opponents Dinamo Turbine. The game, played at 1 p.m. at Salesian High School, was played in the crushing heat of the day.
Hotspur started the game with only ten players, and, despite the setback, earned the first goal of the game when Becca Bullard beat a defender on the left side of the field, dribbled towards the endline, and sent a low, hard shot towards the far post. The Dinamo keeper dove to protect the net, but was unable to hold onto the ball and forward Helene O’Hagan raced forward to knock in the rebound, earning her first Spurs’ career goal.
Dinamo Turbine responded before the half was over, when a player shot a high, lofted ball towards the far post, beating keeper Mary Brazie. With the score tied 1-1, and Hotspur now outfitted with a full side of 11 players, Dee Vela took a turn in goal for the second half.
About fifteen minuts into the half, Vela moved to retrieve a ball that was slowly rolling into the box. With no players around her, Vela, who was a couple steps away from the ball, suddenly crumpled to the ground. A Dinamo Turbine player took advantage of the severe keeper injury, and ran in to get the ball, dribble around the injured, unmoving keeper, and shot the ball into the back of the net before the ref could stop play. Vela, who remained unmoving for the duration, was forced to leave the game. It was later determined that Vela had ruptured her Achilles tendon.
After earning a one-goal lead by taking advantage of a keeper injury, Dinamo Turbine eventually scored one more, when a shot from long distance got past the Spurs’ replacement keeper, Demi Cobar.
Now back down to ten players, and losing 3-1, Hotspur continued to battle.
With fifteen minutes left in the game, Flora Guilbaut sent a low cross from the right side of the field towards the middle of the pitch. Brazie capitalized on the pass, sprinting from the left to receive the ball, and flicking it onto goal from just outside the 18. The ball curled towards net, away from the keeper and into the upper left side of the net.
Hotspur earned the game-tying goal minutes later, when Brazie received the ball in the center of the field, and dribbled the length of the pitch, beating several Dinamo players before finding herself along with the keeper. Brazie drove a low shot towards the far post with her left foot, and the keeper dove to get her hands on it. Once again, the Dinamo keeper was unable to retain control, and O’Hagan sprinted in for the rebound, beating a defender to drill the ball securely into the back of the net.
With the tie, the Spurs are now 5-1-2 and second in the women’s A division of the LA Muni league.



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