LA Villa FC


Five years ago, LA Hotspur first began as a neighborhood soccer team playing in one league in the LA Municpal League.

From our humble beginnings in the Fall of 2010, the club has grown from a single adult women’s team to a club of 5+ teams, with combined rosters of more than 80 women. Our club competes in a multitude of leagues: with teams in the LA Municipal League, Pasadena Adult Soccer League, So Cal Premier League and the Women’s Professional Soccer League (WPSL).

We are immensely proud of what our club has become and as part of this growth, we are very pleased to share our new name: LA Villa FC.

This name and our new club crest honor our past while looking to the future. We are excited to continue our mission of fostering growth in women’s adult soccer in Southern California, and we look forward to providing new opportunities for players both within our club and within the community.

Please see our new homepage, LA Villa FC for all future team-related news.

Viva La Villa!!!!!


Hotspur Nab Municipal League Title With Undefeated Season

Hotspur completed their Fall 2014 Municipal 11-aside season, playing a makeup game this January 10th. The side took on The Purple Team, who ultimately finished second in the league. In the match, Spurs defeated The Purple Team by a score of 3-2, thereby retaining their undefeated season. Throughout the course of the season, Hotspur’s worst result was a tie, and the team added ten wins for an overall record of 10-1-0.

In Saturday’s match, scoring started when Flora Guilbaut was fouled by the goalkeeper in the penalty box. Hotspur had mounted an attack and Guilbaut was rushing in to finish a ball at the far post. The Purple Team’s keeper sprang out to defend the net and took Guilbaut down in the act. Mary Brazie stepped up to take the penatly kick, and finished it soundly into the side netting. The first half ended with Hotspur up 1-0.

In the second half, the Spurs struck early when Helene O’Hagan’s relentlessness as the far post paid off. Mary Brazie dribbled down the right side of the pitch, and once she reached the endline, Brazie slotted a pass back to Gretchen Miller. Miller then rocketed the ball towards the far post. As she crashed towards the far post, O’Hagan jumped up and put her head on the ball to knock it into the back of the net.

The Spurs scored again to go up by three with a play that started in a series of passes through the midfield. Miller played the ball to Molly McDonald, who passed the ball to Brazie. Brazie then passed the ball back to McDonald, who switched fields by sending a ball to Guilbaut on the left side of the pitch. Guilbaut ran onto the ball, brought it to the endline and shot from an impossible angle, hammering the ball into the back of the net.

As the game wound down, The Purple Team were able to mount two counter attacks to add a couple of goals to their side of the scoreline. But Hotspur resisted, resolving to maintain the win and allow no further goals.

Hotspur’s win came largely due to the squad’s relentless hustle on defense. Kelly Buck continually stepped up to stop balls and cut off the opponents before they were able to spring a counter attack; Brynne Blumstein won multiple hard tackles, won balls in the air, and kept the backs organized; and Alli Griffin’s speed and relentlessness paid off as she chased down breakaways and cleared several balls off the goal line in the final moments of the match. Rae Fuhrman stepped up to defend the net, despite fighting the flu, and was able to make many great saves and distribute the ball deep into the attack.

The Spurs started the game with just 9 players and went on to play the game with only 10 players to The Purple Team’s 11; however, team hustle, determined defending, and teamwork paid off to earn the Spurs a great final victory for the season. Hotspur are happy to have won the Fall 2014 Women’s A Division Municipal League Championship by way of an undefeated season. Congrats, Spurs!!!!!

Hotspur Continue Undefeated Streak

LA Hotspur continue their undefeated streak in Municipal 11-aside play, having not lost in nine consecutive games. After starting the season with 8 wins in a row, the team logged its first tie of the season last Saturday, breaking even against Kickin’ It in a 3-3 battle.

Goals were scored by Mary Brazie (Shae Morales assist), Gretchen Miller (Rae Fuhrman assist) and Lauren Johnson.

After going up 3-1, Hotspur’s squad fought hard defensively but relented two goals in a last minute push by Kickin It.

The Spurs have one remaining game this season.