Hotspur Updates

June and July have been crazy months for LA Hotspur! Over the past month, Hotspur has closed out two seasons, dove headfirst into their first league of WPSL play, and, along with the rest of the country, spent many hours glued to the television watching the game being played on the largest stage at the World Cup.

In the LA Muni league, Hotspur first took on Cougars on June 14th, and later, were set to play a game against The Purple Team on June 21st but earned a forfeit victory when TPT could not field a team for the match. In the game vs. Cougars, Tanya Djafar scored the gamewinner for the Spurs who won 1-0.

At the end of the LA Muni season, the Spurs finished with a record of 7-3-1, finishing second overall in the LA Muni women’s A division regular season.

In CSL play, the Spurs finished their season with a game against Norwalk, who beat the Spurs 3-0. The Spurs finished the season with a record of 3-1-8 in the CSL.

The Women’s Professional League has Hotspur playing games twice a weekend. During the demanding season, the Spurs have battled in six matches over the last three weeks. See below for details:

On June 14th, the Spurs took on Legends, losing 3-0.

On June 15th, the Spurs took on LA Premier, losing 2-1. Ari Vitanza scored the lone goal for the Spurs, driving it into the back of the net on a set piece.

On June 21st, the Spurs had a rematch against LA Premier, and lost 1-0.

On June 22nd, the Spurs took on the Sea Lions, losing 2-0.

On June 28th, the Spurs defeated Tucson in a 1-0 win, with Kim Allard scoring the lone goal when she blasted a ball from the left side of the net. The goal was set up by Catherine Davila, who won the ball from a defender, carried it down the field and played it to Frankie Mujic on the right side of the field. Mujic crossed the ball to Allard who blasted it in from range.

On June 29th, the Spurs lost 3-0 to Beaches.

Up next, the Spurs travel to Arizona where the squad will take on both Phoenix and Tucson in the last matches of the season.


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  1. Arlene R says:

    Hello, I was referred by a friend named Taylor and would like to get more information about upcoming season and team, etc. It would be great to give a try out and see if I make a good fit for the team. You can contact through email or (323)xxx-xxxx thank you for your time! -Arlene

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